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What is it

The Audio Archive is a collection and record of Electronic Music produced by Kiwi’s.

Here you will be able to find and listen to new & old tracks, discover artists to support and then link through to their profiles for more information,

The Audio Archive is also linked to our Marketplace where Producers can sell their tunes. We return 80-85% of music sales revenue to the artists so your purchase greatly helps in supporting their art.

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For the Community

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Dig by track or album, browse my genre, search for specific artists or listen to the playlists to find the music to suit your tastes.

— Discover

Create, share or listen to playlists, tune into channels or save content in your personal library for easy reference. 

— Support

Buying music is the best way to support the Artists as majority of the revenue goes directly to them. 

For Contributors

— Upload

Easily upload & edit tracks & albums, link collaborators, add tags & genres and add full descriptions including purchase links.

— Promote

Submit release announcements, share listings or join our distribution program (TBA) to help promote your content.

— Earn

You choose what to charge for your music or be paid to share your own or others music in the Marketplace via our Agents Program.

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