Lo-Fi presents: Last Place On Earth

4221 highway 22 Pepepe Valley. Mercer

November 23, 2019 12:00 pm - November 24, 2019 8:00 am 4221 highway 22 Pepepe Valley. Mercer

Lo-Fi presents an adventure in sumptuous soulfood, delicious drink and DJs spanning the global dance music underground all woven into an electric boutique weekender.

Nourish your soul with beautiful humans, food, friendship, camping and bonfires soundtracked by two stages of super sonic fun.

Theatre Of Dreams pulses with a deep mind bending energy that absorbs you into a timeless atmosphere as you dance under the sky watching the shadows play on the hills and the valley kisses the horizon.

Nestled in the forest sits the Sunshine Underground – haunting melodies play with subtropic beats under the mystic canopy and amongst the relics of a forgotten world.

Remote rolling hills along the fringes of the Waikato region lands you in Pepepe, an hour and twenty from downtown Auckland for a boutique camping trip like no other.

When you find a festival you love it becomes yours, the people become family and the dancefloor becomes home.

This is The Last Place On Earth.

Citizen Kain
Jamie Stevens
Thankyou City
Out of Sorts
Greg Churchill
Mood Control
Matt Drake
Cyril Orson
Logan Baker
Daniel Farley
Sebastian Selknam
Dastardly Bounder
Tina Mairi
Brett Bronze
Cooper May
and more…

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