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Welcome to the next evolution of SiC Entertainment.

For over 10 years, we have helped bring joy to thousands in our community while providing opportunities for people to express and develop their passions.

With all that happened in 2020, we thought it was time to adapt and develop new ways to better support the NZ Electronic Music Scene, facilitate a more integrated Community and foster Industry Collaboration.

Our new platform builds on the lessons we’ve learnt as fans and as event organisers, and aims to resolve some of the challenges we have found. 

Our Community will have easy access to relevant Electronic Music content.
Think info, products, services, events, music and news. All helping to keep you in the know of what’s happening across the scene.

Our Pro Tools include a range of resources to help those contributing to the industry to focus on what they love doing and make the rest easier.

Check out the info below and across the site to learn more about V1.0 of the platform.

Electronic Music Directory

The Directory

Easily search, browse, find and connect with 
New Zealand’s talent, businesses and industry players.

Buy & Sell


Our Multi Vendor Marketplace with verified stores will help you find quality Professional, Culture & Lifestyle items.

Marketplace Home
Events Guide
Out & About

Events Guide

A single portal to find all the Gigs & Streams that feature Electronic Music across our amazing country.

Find NZ Electronic Music

Audio Archive

Discover, support & listen to the
Kiwi Producers making amazing music. 

Audio Archive
The Chronicle
Info & News

The Chronicle

Your dedicated Electronic Music feed of News & Info from around New Zealand and the world. 

Visual Record of the Scene

The Gallery

View your favourite gig photos or find quality video content in our Photo & Video Gallery.

The Gallery

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